Sunday, August 9, 2009

We are heading back to California after a wonderful two week vacation spent with family and friends. On this trip, I was able to reconnect with some college friends that I had lost touch with for a long time and I'm now motivated to keep in better contact with people so one of my goals is to try to get my family's blog up and going again since I was very unsuccessful the first time.

We spent the first week of our vacation in Idaho with two of my sisters, Michelle & Kara, my brother Chuck, and my parents - of course with all of our kids too! We were sad Stephanie couldn't come from Atlanta. Curtis, Emily, and Katie had such a great time hanging out with their cousins. My sisters, mom & I went golfing one day. A guy walked past us on another hole and said, "Is this a mom and three daughters all golfing together? That's really cool!" It's fun that we all enjoy playing golf together. Mark got in a few rounds himself too with the guys. The bulk of our time with the "Reid family" we spent camping up at Palisades Lake. I found I really do still love waterskiing and Curtis tried waterskiing for the first time this year which was really fun. I also confirmed my phobia of skunks. One kept me up all night the first night as it was rambling through our camp every hour it seemed like (I think it was just one). Then the next night, Kara's dog unfortunately had a little too close of an encounter with a skunk and got the bum end of the deal. We were in Michelle's trailer playing cards when Kara opened the door to see if that's what really happened and wow - I've never inhaled such a potent odor in my life!! Poor Libby got to have a spaghetti sauce bath after that and we changed our dinner plans for the next evening! I'm sure we'll laugh about this trip for many years to come.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

These are some of our latest photos.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to our Blog!

Hi Everyone,
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to start our own family blog. It seems to be a fun way to share news and pictures with family and friends since we live so far from most of you. So stay tuned for more postings as I get this up and running.